The 2023 IPVS Early Career Recognition Award recipient is Allison Portnoy

In 2023, the IPVS Early Career Working Group launched an Early Career Recognition Award as member benefits of the IPVS. This initiative is part of the IPVS’ mission of fostering career development and excellence in papillomavirus-related research.


The application process for the 2024 award will be launched several months before the next conference edition, IPVC 2024 (November 12-15, 2024 in Edinburgh, UK).

For your reference, below are the eligibility criteria and the application process for the 2023 award (now closed).

Key dates for the awards (CLOSED)
– Deadline for expression of interest: February 7th, 2023
– Deadline for application submission: February 15th, 2023

IPVS Early Career Recognition Award

The IPVS Early Career Recognition Award aims to recognize promising early career researchers in basic science, clinical science, and public health. It will be awarded at each IPVC to up to three selected candidates (one award per track) that have distinguished themselves by the excellence of their papillomavirus research. Selected candidates must also be moving forward to scientific independence. This award will be a platform for early career researchers to further evolve their professional career. This is NOT a monetary award and is not planned to finance any training or research.


Eligible applicants must meet the following criteria for application:

  1. Be a current IPVS member at the time of the application.
  2. Be an early career researcher (within 5 years of highest degree) at the time of application. Allowances will be made for parental or health leaves for eligibility purposes.
  3. The area of research should be related to papillomavirus.
  4. Each candidate can only receive the award once.
  5. Have published at least three publications on papillomavirus in peer-reviewed journals.


  • February 15th 2023 for the full application.
  • An expression of interest form must be submitted by February 7th 2023.


Applicants will have to submit the following application materials:

  • An application form
  • An academic CV
  • A list of the top 3 publications in HPV research as first, second, last, or corresponding author by the candidate. The list should include an explanation of the contributions the candidate made to the study, a description of the scientific contributions and impact of the publication, the impact factor of the journal, and the number of citations of each publication.
  • A cover letter (max 2 pages) written by the applicant explaining why they should be selected, describing their research and how they are moving towards scientific independence.
  • A letter of support (max 2 pages) from an active IPVS member
  • Proof of graduation date (diploma, certificate, etc.)

Applicants must also fill out an expression of interest form using the button below by February 7th 2023. This form will help the committee know how many people are interested in applying and identify appropriate judges.




You can download a copy of the full application form from one of the two buttons below (different download option). Please send all documents of the final application to the IPVS office ( before the competition deadline, February 15th 2023.







Only applications that meet the eligibility criteria will be reviewed by the IPVS Early Career Working Group. Applications that do not meet eligibility criteria will be discarded. The evaluation criteria for the award are:

  • Scientific significance and impact of publications as detailed in list of top 3 publications
  • i-10-index, h-index and number of citations of the applicant
  • Number of publications in peer-review journals as detailed in academic CV
  • Number of oral and poster presentations in national and international conferences as detailed in academic CV
  • Scientific independence and achievements as detailed in cover letter & letters of support

Applicants will be notified of the outcome in the 2 months following the application deadline. No awards may be given if there are no applications, if applications are ineligible, or if applications are of insufficient quality.