High level panel event 2023

The International Papillomavirus Society (IPVS) invites you to participate in our live and free webinar on Friday, March 3rd, 2023 to commemorate International HPV Awareness Day Campaign 2023 and to celebrate the mobilization of effort around the world to eliminate HPV related cancer. Friday, March 3rd 2023 at 16:00-17:00 CET Topic: One Less Worry – […]

IPVS travel scholarships to IPVC 2023

IPVS travel scholarships are made available for IPVC 2023 (April 17-21, 2023 in Washington DC, USA) through support by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. These travel grants are exclusively for participants from low- and lower-middle income countries. Application deadline: November 3rd, 2022 >> Find out more <<

IPVC 2023 – Important announcement

Due to the current COVID19-related travel restrictions in Japan, the 35th International Papillomavirus Conference (IPVC 2023) will be relocated to Washington DC, USA, from Monday, April 17 to Friday, April 21, 2023. READ THE OFFICIAL STATEMENT HERE

IPVS Mentorship Program

IPVS has launched its Mentorship Program on 1st July. Early career and students, if you are looking for guidance on your career development or are hoping to build specific skills, become an IPVS member today and apply as a mentee to join the mentorship program. Several mentors are readily available. Find out more here

HPV vaccination in Japan

This month (April 2022), Japan reintroduced HPV vaccination. Read IPVS statement on the resumption of the Japanese Ministry of Health officially promoting HPV vaccination in Japan >> IPVS statement <<  

International HPV Awareness Day (IHAD) Campaign 2022 Report

The IPVS Campaign Committee is pleased to share the International HPV Awareness Day Campaign 2022 Report. The ‘One Less Worry’ campaign theme has been well-received and together we have made impressive strides forward in global impact. The report includes key results on what was achieved in the weeks around March 4th, some of the success […]

Anal Cancer Awareness Day

For Anal Cancer Awareness Day, we asked Dr. Joel Palefsky, Principal Investigator of the ANCHOR study if he thinks anal cancer needs its own awareness day. Read the interview to get a few of his insights about this specific type of HPV cancer. -> INTERVIEW <-  

News release on March 4th

On March 4th, for the International HPV Awareness Day, a news release was published by IPVS: “Scientific leaders signal major breakthroughs in elimination of human papillomavirus (HPV) related cancer”. Read through the news release here: IPVS News Release March 4th  

Time To Act – Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from tackling Cancer

On World Health Day, April 7th, the European Cancer Organization (ECO)  announced the Time to Act Campaign: Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from tackling cancer. As a member society of ECO, IPVS fully supports the Time to Act Campaign and encourages IPVS members to provide resources linked to COVID & Cancer to ECO. You may […]

Ticking time bomb: Medical expert warns thousands could die from HPV prevention programming interrupted by Covid

PRESS RELEASE 28 February 2021 On International HPV Awareness Day, 4 March, the International Papillomavirus Society (IPVS) is calling for women to urgently attend delayed HPV appointments and for all interrupted services to re-start as thousands continue to miss out on vital HPV care due to COVID HPV (human papillomavirus) is the virus ‘we can beat’: […]