The critical role of stakeholder collaborations: Aiming for the elimination of HPV-related disease in Europe

Despite the availability of a vaccine proven to be an effective primary prevention measure to reduce the burden of HPV-related cancers, many challenges remain to achieve universal, gender-neutral HPV vaccination in the EU. Such challenges were discussed at a roundtable of EU and national experts and patients in Brussels in December 2017.

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The IPVS is funding scholarships for African researchers to attend the IPVC-2018 pre-conference workshops and main conference.

How 30 years of research has halted HPV and cut cancer

Interesting article by Elsevier, including a top 5 of the latest studies published in Papillomavirus Research Journal that are contributing to ending HPV transmission.

Some news about the Papillomavirus Research (PVR) Journal

IPVS members will be offered a waiver of the publication fee in PVR Journal if they appear as first, last or corresponding author.

Great success of the International HPV Awareness Day Campaign

A message from IPVS President to update you on the incredibly successful inauguration of International HPV Awareness Day.

IPVS publishes a Policy Statement: Moving towards Elimination of Cervical Cancer as a Public Health Problem

IPVS is releasing a Call to Action to health authorities to adhere to international standards developed by WHO

IPVC 2018: Join us in Sydney!

The 32nd International Papillomavirus Conference is rapidly approaching and will take place in Sydney, Australia on 2-6 October 2018. This is a great opportunity for you to share your latest research and discoveries with colleagues and peers on a truly international stage!

January: Cervical Cancer Awareness Month in the USA

With January being designated as National Cervical Health Awareness Month by the United States Congress, many activities took place around the country. We list here materials available online that provide more information.

IPVS President meets with the team of the PATH Scale-Up project that is assisting four countries in Central America and three African countries to introduce HPV testing.

Silvia de Sanjosé met with the Scale-Up project team. The Project seeks to reduce cervical cancer incidence through improved and expanded screening using HPV testing.