IPVS is the global authority on papillomaviruses. Our mission is to contribute to the elimination of papillomavirus-related diseases.

We do this by:


  • Contributing to improved understanding of, and disseminating information about, the biology and pathogenesis of papillomaviruses and their associated diseases, and the prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of papillomavirus-related diseases.


  • Advocating for evidence based policies that improve public health in relation to papillomavirus​-related diseases and for sustainable research funding in the field.


  • Fostering excellence and rigor in papillomavirus research.


  • Promoting and supporting education about papillomaviruses and career development in papillomavirus-related research.


  • Disseminating research results, knowledge and information among members, and by sharing information with the media.


  • Partnering with other societies, institutions and organisations.