NEW ! Group membership now available


Organisations or institutions which would like to register a group of at least 10 employees/representatives as IPVS members with ONE single payment, can benefit from group discounts as detailed below:

Group Membership – Between 10 to 19 Members Group Membership discount of -10% on the total
Group Membership – 20 Members onwards Group Membership discount of -20% on the total


Subscription process for group membership
Please contact IPVS Membership team at to receive the form to fill out the details for your group. Once the form has been completed, an invoice will be issued for payment.


Submission of supporting documents
All Students and Emeritus members as well as Members from Low and Lower-middle income countries will need to present a proof of their status. For more information about the categories and the respective proofs to be submitted, please visit:
IPVS follows the country classification of the World Bank


Frequently asked questions

– Can the members of the group have different membership categories or fees?
Yes. For example, a group could have several early career researchers and a few regular members.

– By submitting a group registration, will the members still receive individual confirmations and communications moving forward?
Yes. Group subscription only refers to the payment (one single payment for all employees). The members of the group will receive an individual membership confirmation. They will also be included in IPVS member database individually and will receive regular communication from the society to their email address. The members of the group will individually take advantage of the IPVS membership benefits.