Department of Nursing, University Centre Varaždin, University North, Croatia

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s event. The results are amazing! The campaign messages have reached out across the world and got people talking and learning about HPV and supporting the drive for effective action.

As IPVS President Margaret Stanley says of the campaign, “we believe that the foundation of effective action to reduce the burden of HPV-related cancer, is the empowerment of people to make informed choices and to understand the importance of vaccination and screening. Increasing awareness of the HPV virus and the steps people can take to reduce risk is critical.  By understanding the virus and by talking openly, we can remove the misunderstandings and stigma that often act as a barrier to appropriate healthcare and put people at real risk.’


Here are the headline figures

  • Total potential impressions for #AskAboutHPV = 250 million from 30,400 post
  • Facebook reach was 2.6 million with 10% engagement
  • There were 1.2m video views on Facebook – 160K in each of our 5 core languages
  • Our News release  was picked up by over 150 outlets with a potential audience  which was up from 83m last year to 121 million this year
  • There was coverage in all campaign priority countries and many more!




Over the next few weeks, the Advocacy Committee and campaign team will be collecting all the feedback and stories and examples of effective action from the day and from many campaigns that are taking place around the world.

Very soon you will be able to see the Awareness Day 2019 highlights on our website and be inspired by the numerous positive outcomes from the event.

The whole campaign team will meet in April / May to evaluate the results and put in place our strategy for the next stage of the campaign to get the world talking and learning about HPV and taking effective action towards our ultimate goal; the elimination of HPV and related cancers across the world.