High-level Panel Event


March 4, 2022 - 4:00 pm


March 4, 2022 - 5:00 pm

High-Level Panel Event on March 4th:

Delivering a world with one less worry – implementing HPV vaccination for all

IPVS is hosting a live, multi-disciplinary, interactive panel event to explore the challenges and opportunities in relation to the prevention of HPV-related cancers. Global key opinion leaders will address specific HPV vaccination topics that we hope will in turn strengthen strategies to realize the global cervical cancer elimination goal and reduce all types of HPV-related cancer.

Professionals and advocacy organizations working in the public health arena with a focus on cancer, sexual and reproductive health rights, women’s health and men’s health, and patient advocacy.

• How will HPV vaccination impact the global burden of disease?
• What are the main challenges for governments and healthcare systems in achieving HPV vaccination?
• What can we learn from program implementation progress in different resource settings around the world?
• What are the biggest challenges and key opportunities in advancing access to HPV vaccines?
• What is the impact of the COVID 19 global pandemic on access/take up of HPV vaccination – what strategies can we use to ameliorate that impact?
• What are the key lessons from the COVID experience about changing public attitudes and behaviours towards vaccination and public health?

• Katja Iversen, Executive Advisor, Author, Global Advocate on purpose-driven Leadership. Former CEO of Women Deliver

• Dr. Joel Palefsky, International Papillomavirus Society and Chair of the International HPV Awareness Day Campaign
• Sema Sgaier, Co-founder and CEO of Surgo Ventures. Alumni Board Member Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
• Dr. Patrick Amoth, Chair of the WHO Executive Board and Acting Director General for the Kenyan Ministry of Health
• Marcia Anne Cross, Emmy-nominated American actress, advocate, cancer thriver, and HPV Cancers Alliance
• Jason Mendelsohn, Founder of SupermanHPV.org and HPV-cancer survivor
• Busisiwe Moyo, Founder of Hope4CervixCancer Support Group (Zimbabwe).
• Zodwa Sithole, Head of Advocacy Cancer Association of South Africa, CANSA




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