IPVS webinar - HPV behavioral research and the 2030 targets


October 20, 2021 - 2:00 pm


October 20, 2021 - 3:00 pm

IPVS webinar – HPV behavioral research and the 2030 targets
Why HPV behavioral research and science matter – The unanswered questions


Wednesday, 20th October 2021
8:00 EDT (New York) / 14:00 CEST (Geneva) / 20:00 SST (Singapore)


The Education Committee put together a webinar around a researcher pairing to discuss the unanswered questions in behavioral sciences. Here are the learning objectives of this free webinar:
• Recognize the importance of HPV behavioural research in the translation of vaccination, screening, and treatment science
• Identify determinants of hesitancy towards vaccination, screening, and treatment globally
• Reviews the gaps in psycho-social- behavioural research to inspire early career professionals
• Demonstrate how a 4th pillar of ‘Education’ will enhance the HPV goal statement (current 3 pillars – vaccination, screening, treatment)

Margaret Heffernan OAM, PhD
RMIT University

Ellen Daley PhD
Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Practice
University of South Florida, College of Public Health

Researchers pairing:
Gregory Zimet PhD
Department of Pediatrics
Indiana University School of Medicine
Erika Thompson PhD
University of North Texas Health Science Center

Jo Waller PhD
Reader in Cancer Behavioural Science
King’s College London, UK
Sue Sherman PhD
Reader in Psychology
University of Keele, UK


This webinar will be LIVE and is FREE of charge.




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