Senior Program Officer, Reproductive Health Technologies

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is looking for a Senior Program Officer (SPO) to join their Reproductive Health Technologies (RHT) team within D&TS. This team currently focuses on the critical need for innovation in sexual and reproductive health with five core priorities:

• Vaginal microbiome interventions for treatment of bacterial vaginosis and risks associated with chronic vaginal dysbiosis, including HIV/STI acquisition and adverse birth outcomes
• Prevention of cervical cancer through development of a therapeutic vaccine to clear HPV infection and/or regress HPV-induced dysplasia
• Epitope discovery aimed at development of a preventative syphilis vaccine
• Discovery and pre-clinical design of novel non-hormonal contraceptives
• Understanding and improving menstrual health and hygiene including innovations in material science to develop menstrual health products that better meet the needs of people in low and middle income countries


Read the job description here