Dillner, Joakim

Dillner, Joakim

Board Member

M.D., PhD., Scientific Director of Karolinska University Laboratory, Karolinska University Hospital

Head of Unit, Center for Cervical Cancer Prevention (CCCP)
14186 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46724682460

Professor Joakim Dillner has been head of infectious disease epidemiology at Karolinska Institute since 2009, Head of Unit at the Karolinska University Hospital, Center for Cervical Cancer Prevention since 2014,  and Director of Research & Development at the Karolinska University Laboratory, Karolinska University Hospital since 2017.

Since 1989, Prof. Dillner’s group has conducted Human Papillomavirus (HPV) research in the areas of molecular biology, immunology and vaccinology, clinical virology and epidemiology. Major ongoing projects include Swedescreen, the first randomised trial of HPV-screening (since 1997), biobank- and registry-based follow-up studies of HPV vaccination (since 1999), the International Papillomavirus Reference Center (www.hpvcenter.se), the National Quality Registry of Cervical Cancer Prevention and the Nordic Information for Action eScience Center of Excellence (www.nordicehealth.se).  In 2018 Prof. Dillner was involved in the foundation of the eHealth core facility at Karolinska Institute (ki.se/en/research/ehealth-core-facility). He is coordinator of the H2020 project Human Exposome Assessment Platform which is part of the European Human Exposome Network (www.humanexposome.eu) and PI in the H2020 project RISCC (Risk-based screening for cervical cancer). Prof. Dillner has authored more than 500 publications in the areas of cancer screening, vaccination, tumor virology, epidemiology and research infrastructures (H-index 71, >21000 citations).


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