Rodríguez, Ana Cecilia

Rodríguez, Ana Cecilia

Board Member

MD, Consultant at the Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics, US National Cancer Institute.

San Rafael de Escazu, San José, Costa Rica Tel: +506 8392 0642

Ana Cecilia Rodríguez is a medical doctor with a specialization in public health from the University of Costa Rica. She is a consultant to the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics at the National Cancer Institute, USA.

Early in her career Dr. Rodríguez built her expertise as a field epidemiologist investigating health related effects and pesticide exposure in rural Costa Rican communities.  She oversaw the introduction of electronic record keeping and data analysis into the Costa Rican National Tumor Registry and served as its director for two years.  Dr. Rodríguez has dedicated much of her career to researching the natural history of cervical neoplasia and HPV infection and cervical cancer prevention strategies including HPV vaccination, screening, and detection of cervical neoplasia. She has served as Principal Investigator and co-Principal Investigator in Costa Rican studies funded by the USA National Cancer Institute including the Proyecto Epidemiologico Guanacaste (PEG) HPV Natural History Study, a 10,049 women longitudinal population-based cohort and the Costa Rican Vaccine Trial (CVT).  The data from these and other studies in which she has participated have led to numerous high-impact manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals.  Most recently, Dr. Rodríguez has dedicated her research to international efforts that will develop improved screening, triage, and treatment methods more suitable for underserved and hard-to-reach populations.