The countdown has begun – just days away from the 3rd International HPV Awareness Day (IHAD) on March 4th.  The theme for the 2020 HPV Awareness Campaign is “Viral Before the Internet“, again playing on the double-meaning of  ‘going viral’ as we did with the theme of our award-winning 2019 campaign.   So what do an egg, cute cats, and a guy who saw a double rainbow have to do with HPV?  These images went ‘viral’ on the internet, reaching millions of people around the world.  That’s what we aim to achieve as well for global awareness levels about HPV.   With your help of course –  please take a look at the latest campaign video and share it with your own network!

The IPVS campaign team has been working hard to get the website ready to inform and inspire the public to learn more about HPV and how it affects them.  We are working with over 80 partner organizations around the world to make the campaign truly global.  The campaign website features a toolkit of useful assets for raising awareness and understanding about HPV (such as posters, videos, educational leaflets and more).  Materials are available in SIX different languages: Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Bahasa Malay, Spanish, French, and English.  (If our partners need materials in other languages, we make sure they get access to the files that they can translate accordingly).  Please let your colleagues around the world know that these materials are here.

Too few people around the world know about HPV and how it affects them.  This campaign is all about changing that for the better.  Let’s get people talking about HPV.