PATH recently organized three webinars on state-of-the-art cervical cancer prevention in low and middle-income countries. Two of the events are available in English and the third in Spanish. The speakers summarized key findings from the recently published Supplement to the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics (IJGO). All three versions feature different speakers.

The archived webinars can be watched for free at these URLS:


Webinar: Recent Progress and the Unfinished Agenda in Low and Middle-income Countries


English webinar 1 featuring
Dr. Dan Murokora, Dr. Partha Basu, Dr. Vivien Tsu, and Scott Wittet
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English webinar 2 featuring
Dr. Gina Ogilvie, Dr. Sharon Kapambwe, Dr. Ophira Ginsberg, and Scott Wittet
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Seminario virtual: Prevención del cáncer cérvicouterino: Progreso reciente y agenda sin finalizar en países de ingresos bajos y medios


Seminario virtual en español. Los panelistas destacados:
Dr. Raul Murillo, Dr. Rolando Herrero, Lic. Francesca Holme y Dr. Eduardo Franco

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IJGO Supplement abstracts and summary paper available in French and Spanish.

The recent Supplement mentioned above is in English ( PATH has translated all of the abstracts and one of the papers (a summary) into French and Spanish.

Download both translations here.