The Cancer Registry of Norway developed Fight HPV, an educational game to teach the main concepts about Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and to raise awareness about its prevention.

In Norway, cervical cancer prevention involves the participation of as many eligible women aged 25-69 years as possible. However, reaching and inviting every eligible women to attend cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination is difficult. Using social nudging and gamification as a modern means of communication can encourage the participation of unscreened people. Simula Research Laboratory together with the Cancer Registry of Norway have developed Fight HPV, a mobile app game intended to inform adolescent and eligible women about cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination while they play and, to facilitate their participation in prevention campaigns.
Through its 60 levels, the player will learn about epithelial cells, different types of HPV (cancerous and non-cancerous), warts, treatments, vaccines and the screening process. Individuals will have to solve puzzles to defeat HPV and keep skin cells healthy and safe.




Use the links below to play!