Today at IPVC 2020, IPVS and the EUROGIN scientific committee will present the 2020 Hilleman Award to a highly appropriate awardee, Dr. Laura Koutsky, MSPH, PhD, recognized internationally for her research on HPV and the diseases it causes.  Beginning in the late 1980s, Dr. Koutsky focused on the epidemiology of HPV itself, the understanding of which was crucial for developing a vaccine to stop the virus.  A decade later, Dr. Koutsky was the principal investigator in the first proof-of-principle HPV-16 VLP vaccine trials in the late 1990s- early 2000s. This trial was a fantastic success, clearly proving evidence of protection.  This paved the way for the development of HPV vaccines that protect against developing HPV-related cancers such as cervical cancer.

IPVS had the opportunity to interview Dr. Koutsky and hear more of the inspiring story behind her achievements.  Click here to read the full interview.