AORTIC’s 11th International Conference on Cancer in Africa (AORTIC 2017) took place from the 7th to 10th of November 2017 at the Kigali Convention Centre in Kigali, Rwanda, with a pre-conference symposium on the 6th November 2017.

The conference was very well attended with 900 participants and there was a vibrant move to mobilize the Region towards better prevention strategies against cancer. Many International NGOs and Associations were present promoting interaction with local partners and reinforcing educational platforms as well as interactive approaches for diagnosis, prevention and treatment. In this context, IPVS was invited to participate at the meeting, that included more than 70 program sessions and multiple networking opportunities.

Silvia de Sanjosé as President of IPVS gave a beautiful plenary summary of the mission and activities of IPVS that was very well received.

IPVS Past President Joel Palefsky was also present and gave a very well attended lecture on HIV and HPV.

IPVS is grateful to AORTIC for their invitation and for providing the possibility of interaction with delegates of the Region.

Silvia de Sanjosé with the members of the educational platform of e-oncologia.


Joel Palefsky with a delegate from Nigeria.


Silvia de Sanjosé with two PhD students from South Africa.



The African Organization for Research and Training in Cancer (AORTIC) is a pan-African, bilingual, multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to the promotion of cancer care and control in Africa.

AORTIC’s key objectives are to further research relating to cancers prevalent in Africa and to facilitate and support training initiatives in oncology for healthcare workers. Their research and training covers an array of issues related to cancer control in Africa such as:

  • National Cancer Control Programmes
  • Establishing, advocating and training for Cancer Registration across the continent
  • Strengthening health care delivery systems, in line with African Union policy

AORTIC strives to unite the African continent in achieving its goal of a cancer-free Africa and seeks to make a positive impact throughout the region through collaboration with health ministries and global cancer organizations.