Today, November 17th, 2020, at the close of the 73rd World Health Assembly of the World Health Organisation [WHO], the resolution to make cervical cancer a rare disease and the official launch of the global elimination strategy to make that happen will occur.

Cervical cancer is caused by HPV.  We have the tools to eliminate cervical cancer: these include safe, effective HPV vaccines that prevent HPV infection which cause diseases such as cervical cancer. IPVS endorses the WHO call to action.

Read the full IPVS statement of endorsement here.

The launch is scheduled for 14:30 CET.  Click here to join the session at that time.

Photo: IPVS Board of Directors (from left to right)  Top: E. McClymont, J. Jeronimo (former board member IPVS), E. Chow, S. de Sanjose (past President IPVS), R. Burk (Secretary IPVS), J. Palefsky (Hon. board member IPVS), M. Stanley (President IPVS) Middle: S. Garland (Vice President IPVS), X. Bosch (former member, past Editor-in-Chief PVR), S. Feldman, T. Malagón, D. Watson-Jones, M. Ozbun (Treasurer IPVS) Bottom: B. Moscicki, A. Rodriguez, M. Steben, A. Kreimer, N. Egawa, J. Dillner