Papillomavirus Research (PVR), the Journal of HPV and other Small DNA Tumor Viruses is the official open access journal of IPVS. It publishes innovative papers related to all aspects of papillomaviruses and other small DNA tumor viruses.


Publication figures

Since its launch in 2015, PVR Journal published 86 papers. In 2017 only, PVR received 74 manuscripts and published 37 of them.



IPVS is also proud to share that PVR is now in the Medline and Pub Med Central indexing system. in addition to Embase and Scopus. The Cite Score is of 4.07 (CiteScore is an impact metric launched by Elsevier, calculated on an annual basis, showing the average citations for a full calendar year).


Recent articles




Did you know? IPVS members receive free PVR Journal publication fees in 2018!

IPVS offers a waiver of the publication fee to IPVS members if they appear as first, last or corresponding author.

Please contact to submit your reimbursement request, including a copy of your open access publication fees invoice. Funds are limited and will be distributed on a first come first served basis.

We encourage IPVS members to disseminate and use the publication offer of Papillomavirus Research (PVR), the official journal of the IPV society!