On World Health Day, April 7th, the European Cancer Organization (ECO)  announced the Time to Act Campaign: Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from tackling cancer.

As a member society of ECO, IPVS fully supports the Time to Act Campaign and encourages IPVS members to provide resources linked to COVID & Cancer to ECO.

You may visit the new section of ECO website, the COVID and Cancer Hub to access the current resources available.

Read the full ECO news announcement below.

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce on World Health Day that the new section of our website as part of our project and campaign, led by the Co-Chairs of our Special Network on the Impact of Covid-19 on Cancer, Mirjam Crul and Mark Lawler.

www.europeancancer.org/TimeToAct includes resources and information for patients, healthcare professionals and policy-makers in a new Covid and Cancer Hub amplifying the work of our Member Societies, Patient Advocacy Groups and other stakeholders.  It also includes links to Build Back Better, the 7-point plan that we launched at the European Cancer Summit last November and the European Code of Cancer Practice which has been translated into many languages.

Coming soon will be additional resources as part of the Time To Act campaign, including translated materials that can be used by your members and colleagues across Europe, emphasising the key message “Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from tackling Cancer”.  We will also be using data intelligence on the negative impact being reported across Europe caused by delays in patients presenting after cancer warning signs and cancellation of appointments for diagnosis and treatment.  All of the resources we produce will be freely available for use by any of your members or colleagues as part of their own campaigns and activities.

We are sharing this link with you to request that:

  • You share any additional resources that you or the organisation you represent has available linked to Covid and Cancer, so they can be added to the website for the next stage of the launch later this month.  If you have links to additional documents or videos or other information hubs, please share them with my colleague Marilena Madsen as soon as possible: Marilena.Madsen@europeancancer.org
  • We know that many of you have national members, colleagues or stakeholders in your organisations that may be interested in posting their resources on the Covid and Cancer Hub (all languages welcome).  Please feel free to connect us with those stakeholders, or share the link to the new website section with them, as we build the Covid and Cancer Hub and the additional resources that will become available later this monthPlease feel free to use my email address in your communications with those national stakeholders, so they can contact me directly:  Mike.Morrissey@europeancancer.org
  • You share any suggestions or feedback on the new website section with me, as this project will evolve over the coming weeks and months.  We want this to become a resource that you, your members and colleagues can use, as part of our close working relationship in the European Cancer Organisation.  If you or your organisation are not currently involved in the Special Network on the Impact of Covid-19 on Cancer and would like to participate or support the campaign, please let me know.

During this afternoon’s meeting with the EU Commissioner of Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides, with representatives of our Member Societies and Patient Advisory Committee, Mirjam and Mark will be presenting this project.  Many thanks to Mirjam and Mark for their leadership of this campaign, to the Project Task Force, participants in the Special Network and all the supporters already involved.  We really would like to make this project impactful and help save lives, so all suggestions, feedback and connections are much appreciated.

All the best