Education Committee


Steben, Marc
Board member, Education Committee Chair
Palefsky, Joel
Honorary Board Member
McClymont, Elisabeth
Board Member
Ismail-Pratt, Ida
Committee member
Heffernan, Margaret
Committee member
Mugo, Nelly
Committee member
Chatzistamatiou, Kimon
Board Member
Desai, Kanan
Committee member
Alemany, Laia
Board member
Perez, Samara
Committee member
Alfaro, Karla
Committee member
Gassama, Omar
Committee member
Walker, Caroline
Committee member





The Education Committee aims to:

  • Represent the educational interests of the diverse communities within the IPVS sector
  • Develop educational resources to keep IPVS members informed of current HPV-related knowledge and trends
  • Raise the level of understanding about HPV among healthcare professionals and allied stakeholders who are not HPV experts
  • Collaborate on how to develop and share quality evidence that will contribute to the educational resources
  • Promote local and junior experts globally through a range of education activities
  • Support and initiate networking activities at the international and continental levels

This Committee is open to IPVS members.