Advocacy Campaign Committee

Role: To develop and participate in advocacy activities and related campaigns such as the annual HPV Awareness Day on March 4th.  To raise public awareness and education levels about HPV and to inspire people to take action to mitigate the risk of serious illnesses like HPV-related cancer. This committee is open to IPVS members

Education Committee

Role:   To create and maintain on-line educational resources for IPVS members, to keep informed about the latest trends and developments on HPV-related topics. To organize virtual events and webinars on specific topics of interest to IPVS members. To review material of interest such as WHO/CDC/PATH and other websites and to share resources and content. […]

Membership Committee

Role: To overlook the membership conditions and benefits and report This committee is open to IPVS members.

Policy Committee

Role: To participate in the development and maintenance of position statements on issues related to papillomaviruses and the development of prevention of their associated diseases. Comment on new scientific, clinical and policy developments and develop educational professional and public information services, as needed, on behalf of IPVS. Material to be approved by the board before […]

Nominating Committee

Role: To select candidates for the President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, members of the Board of Directors. Shall be composed of 6 members, and is chaired by the immediate past president. This committee is open to members of the Board of Directors only.

Board of Officers

Board of Officers Role: To deal with urgent matters between board meetings, serve as advisors to the program committee of each international conference, help to guide the general planning of each conference. Identify issues and major decisions to be put to a vote of the general membership Upon election only.