Advocacy Campaign Committee


Palefsky, Joel
Honorary Board Member
Bosch, F. Xavier
Former Board member, former Editor-in-chief of PVR
Stanley, Margaret
IPVS Immediate Past-President
Reader in Cancer Behavioural Science, Kings College London
Waller, Jo
Former Board member, Committee member
Egawa, Nagayasu
Board member
Krishnan, Shobha S.
Committee member
Wells, Jessica
Committee member
Olkov, Ilya
Committee member
Kreimer, Aimée
IPVS Secretary
Norris, Teresa
Committee member
Nthusa, Agnes Betty
Committee member



Role: To develop and participate in advocacy activities and related campaigns such as the International HPV Awareness Day on March 4th.  To raise public awareness and education levels about HPV and to inspire people to take action to mitigate the risk of serious illnesses like HPV-related cancer.

This committee is open to IPVS members

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